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Athens - Santorini - Athens

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Greece 2019

8/15-day-trips Athens - Santorini - Athens

15. - 22. June 2019: Athens - Santorini

22. - 29. June 2019: Santorini - Athens

15. - 29. June 2019: Athens - Santorini - Athens

What are we up to?

Cyclades streets

History, nature, relaxing. Two one-week-trips (also bookable as one two-week-trip) take us through the Cyclades (cyclos = circle) that in fact circle the island of Delos as their centre. In antique times Delos was a flourishing and holy place due to the Apollon sanctuary. From Athens our route will take us via islands like Antiparos, Naxos and Ios to Santorini and in the second week back to Athens via a different Route (probably amongst them will be Folegandros, Milos, Hydra).

From far away the Cyclades look rocky, dry and rough. Once you get closer you will notice the many small white houses, the churches with their blue domes, and the green squares of the villages as well as the coves and many small beaches, some of them with a Bar or Restaurant, the others remote.

We will be sailing on one or more large monohull yachts around 50 feet in length. They are fully equipped with double cabins, toilets, showers and a kitchen.

Cabin charter
EUR from 780
per Person in a double cabin
980,- Now 880,- Full price
880,- Pansails repeater
880,- Early booking special (before 31.12.2018)
780,- Early booking + Pansails repeater
5% Discount when booking the 15 days trip


  • Berth on for one person in a double cabin
  • On a modern sailing yacht, ca. 12-16m length
  • Skipper
  • Yachtkasko insurance
  • Organisation
  • Dinghy with outboard engine
  • Linen and towels
  • Final cleaning of the Yacht
  • Obligatory extra: Cruising kitty (see "Good to know")
Standard yacht charter
EUR from 2.500
own yacht (ca. 6 persons)



  • Modern sailing yacht, ca. 12m length
  • 3 double cabins, 1-2 heads
  • Yachtkasko insurance
  • Organisation
  • GPS+charts
  • Dinghy with outboard engine
  • Linen and towels
  • Final cleaning of the Yacht
  • Optional: Skipper
  • Obligatory extra: Cruising kitty (see "Good to know")
Luxury yacht charter
EUR from 3.500
own Yacht (ca. 8 persons)



  • Luxury sailing yacht, ca. 15m length
  • 4-5 double cabins, 3-4 heads
  • Yachtkasko insurance
  • Organisation
  • Generator
  • Extra-large cockpit
  • GPS+charts
  • Dinghy with outboard engine
  • Linen and towels
  • Final cleaning of the Yacht
  • Optional: Skipper
  • Obligatory extra: Cruising kitty (see "Good to know")

Our yachts


  • Großsegel
  • Genua
  • Beiboot mit Außenbordmotor
  • Vollständige Sicherheitsausrüstung
  • Log/Echolot
  • Windmeter
  • Radio/CD-player, Anschluss für MP3-Spieler, Cockpit-Lautsprecher
  • GPS
  • UKW Funk
  • Autopilot
  • Seekarten und Revierführer
  • USB-Ladeanschlüsse
  • 12V Stromversorgnung (Autosteckdose)
  • 110/230V Stromversorgung für kleine Geräte wie Handylader etc.
  • WCs / Duschen mit Warmwasser
  • Decksdusche
  • Kühlschrank
  • Gasherd und -ofen


Booking a place on a Pansails trip means you book one place in a double cabin.

Bringing your partner or friend is the easiest way to define your cabin partner. The most participants come by themselves though and very welcome. Cabins are shared and will normally be assigned with a cabin partner of the same gender with very few exceptions.

Each cabin has a double bed or a bunk bed.

Most cabins have their own shower/toilet, sometimes toilt/showers are shared.

Please call us in case you have questions about the cabins and cabin assignments.

Where are we going?

These trips allows you to either take a one-week/one-way trip or a two-week-roundtrip, where the second week will take a different route than the first week - for the full cyclades exposure!

1) 15.-22. June Athens to Santorini

2) 22.-29. June Santorini to Athens

En route the blue Aegean Sea and the white Cycladic houses will be a constant companion. Not to mention the postcard-famous blue cupolas of the Greek churches and the breath-taking views into Santorini's caldera.

These trips are perfectly matching with a stay ashore on some of the islands before or after the trips.

We'll choose from the numerous islands on the way depending on wind, weather and crew. Nevertheless please find a routing example below and on the chart.

Half of the nights we will stay in ports or marinas and the rest we will stay at anchor in bays to start the next morning with a swim from our swimming platform.

Almost every day we'll sail to a new island. Distances vary so we'll have shorter and longer sailing days.


The following route is a suggestion that we will adapt depending upon the wind+weather situation. Cabin charter yachts will usually follow this route. Bareboat charters are free to define their own routes.

Trip 1:

  • 1. day: Boarding around noon, provisioning, overnight in the marina.
  • 2. day: Sailing to Cape Sounion with its spectacular sunset from the tenple of poseidon.
  • 3. day: We are heading into the Cyclades to Kythnos or Serifos. Both islands have beautiful, small towns with Cycladic white houses and are rather quiet.
  • 4. day: A longer leg will take us to the beautiful beaches of (Anti-)Paros or Naxos.
  • 5. day: The so called "Small Cyclades" consisting of Irakleia, Schinoussa and Koufonissia are harder to reach and off the beaten track - very relaxed!
  • 6. day: A beautiful downwind course will take us to the next highlight: Rising up to 800m is the island of Amorgos, spectacular views and one of the most impressive monasteries are a short taxi or scooter ride away.
  • 7. day: Finally: Santorini. Docking in the port and crew dinner.
  • 8. day: Good bye day for those staying only the first week: Departure during the early morning. Those who stay on have the entire day on Santorini. Enjoy the breathtaking view from Fira, Imerovigli and Oia.

Trip 2:

  • 1./8. day: Arrival of the crew for week 2 in Santorini, boarding and shopping. Do not forget to arrive a few days ahead to profit from the island!
  • 2./9. day: First sailing day of week two to Sikinos or Folegandros, again some quieter islands without airport.
  • 3./10. day: We are making our way towards the west. Milos, Kimolos and Poliaegos are in reach. Milos attracts with its volcanic landscape, Kimolos and Poliaegos with beaches and small-island-style
  • 4./11. day: A long sailing day or a night sail take us to the east coast of the Peloponnese.
  • 5./12. day: We are following the coastline towards the north. Ermioni, Hydra or Poros with a more Venetian style offer a completely different picture to us.
  • 6./13. day: The pistacchio-producing island Aegina is our last stop on this trip. On an island just opposite peacocks are living.
  • 7./14. day: Return to the harbor in Athens and final crew-dinner.
  • 8./15. day: Good bye day: Departure during the early morning.




Hotline: +49 160 976 53 450

Call or Email anytime for further information or booking!

Good to know ...

Trip 1:

Start: 15.6. Noon in Athens
End: 22.6. Morning in Santorini

Trip 2:

Start: 22.6. Noon in Santorini
End: 29.6. Morning in Athens


Start trip 1 and end trip 2:

Our trip will start in one of the marinas close to Athens Airport. You should arrive there on the boarding day not later that noon. To take it even more relaxed arrive the night before.

The airport code of Athens International Airport is "ATH". ATH is served from major European cities by direct flights.


End trip 1 and start trip 2:

We'll be moored in Santorini's Vlychada port. Santorini can be reached by ferry or by plane:

  • Plane: The Airport code is JTR. There are international flights and ca. 3-4 flights a day to Athens, only taking about 1hr of flight time and fares are starting from 30,- Euros, normally beeing at around 50,- Euros p.P. one way

  • Ferry: There will be several ferries a day going to other islands and to Athens. Fast ones are usually more expensive, slower ones very affordable. Please take into account that most ferry companies pubolisch their schedules very late (sometimes only weeks before they are sailing). A comprehensive site to find ferries is


Confirmed participants will receive a travel confirmation along with more detailed informations.

All expenses for the ship and aboard are shared in equal parts through a so called common "cruising kitty".
Please keep in mind that you will be covering the cruising kitty's share of our skipper as well!

Our experience is that you will need around 25 Euro/day/person which will be covering:

  • Harbour fees
  • Immigration and fees for cruising permits, customs, immigration, marine parks
  • additional insurances
  • Navigation material
  • Fuel
  • Food aboard
  • Drinks aboard
  • Others

All other expenses

All other expenses ashore as personal expenses related to travel, dinner in restaurants, going out are covered by each participant separately.


Our approach is: Less is more! - You usually need far less than you pack.

Please do not bring hard cased bags or suitcases as there is little stowage room aboard. Duffel bags or any other type of soft bags are most convenient.
As we are sailing in spring daytime is quite warm (swimming-gear!) and evenings/nights/windy times will cool down quite a bit (warm clothes).
You need some good sailing gear? – Ask us!

High probability for a constantly sunny and windy weather:

  • Winds from westerly and northerly directions, 3-5 Bft.
  • Sun
  • Sun
  • Sun
  • Air temperature 18°-25°C

The small print

A cancellation fee is withheld from the total trip price in case of your cancellation:

  • 0-14 days after booking and more than 90 days before departure: 10% fee of the total price is withheld by Pansails
  • more than 14 days after booking and more than 90 days before departure: 50% of the total price 
  • 30-90 days before the departure date: 80% of the total price 
  • less than 30 days before the departure date: 100% of the total price

Furthermore our General T&C (AGB) are applicable which we will provide to you upon request.

We strongly recommend to procure a travel cancellation as well as a respective health insurance valid in the destination countries.

The boat is covered by a security deposit+insurance and the security deposit is covered by a special insurance. So the maximum liability for the boat (except grossly negligent and some exclusions as specified in the insurance details) is below 100€ per participant.

Furthermore our General T&C (AGB) are applicable which we will provide to you upon request.

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